Happy English 9 класс Рабочая тетрадь Кауфман часть 1

Категория Рабочие тетради
Дисциплина Английский язык
Метки 9 класс


Рабочая тетрадь № 1 входит в состав УМК “Счастливый английский” для 9-го класса, Предназначены для выполнения письменных заданий в классе и дома. В них помещены контрольные задания разделов учебника. В каждой рабочей тетради содержится дополнительный материал по изучаемым темам, а также упражнения, активизирующие лексический и грамматический материал.

Пример из учебника

Most of us have been tourists at Jeast once in our life. What is more important to you: to see as many sights as possible or to enjoy yourself? Do you want to impress your friends with your pictures and stories or do you prefer to get impressions of new places?
There are tourists who will not sleep well unless they bave visited all the sights tbat are listed in the booklets. They take hundreds of pictures of everything they see. Sometimes I think that jt’s more important to them to make а picture of а place than to Jearn about it. Some people however bave а ilifferent appI”Oach to sigl1tseeing. They do not put а task before them to do as much as they сап. They choose а thing 01· two and devote а lot of time to it. For exampJe, when they visit а picture gallery, they do not try to fit а maximum number of pictures into their visit but spend tbeir time оп one artist or even one picture.


Unit I Hello America!
Lesson I Welcome to New York
Lessons 2, 3 New York, New York 6
Lesson 4 Streets and avenues
Lesson 5 “l believe in liberty and happiness” 13
Lessons 6, 7 Have you ever tried blintzes? 15
Lesson 8 Proiect 20
Lessons 9, 10 Robin MacWizard’s diary 21
Lesson 1 1 Test yourself 23
Unit 2 Do good clothes open all doors?
Lesson WhaYs in? 25
Lessons 2, 3 My favourite Lesson 4 Grungers and Preppies Lesson 5 You’ll never believe it!
Lessons 6, 7 What size are
Lessons 8, 9 Robin MacWizard’s Lesson 10 Test yourself
Unit 3 Good health is above wealth
Lesson I Sequence of tenses
Lessons 2, 3 What happened to Jane? 53
Lesson How can you burn calories?58
Lessons 5, 6 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” 60
Lesson 7 Don’t forget your medical insurance
Lessons 8, 9 George Washington and
Thomas Jefferson 66
Lesson 10 Test yourself 69
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