Spotlight Starter. Языковый портфель. Быкова Н.И., Дули Дж.

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Дисциплина Английский язык
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My Language Portfolio. Языковый портфель к учебнику для начинающих. In your Language Portfolio, you can include anything of your choosing to keep and show as evidence of your progress in the English language. Make sure you keep it neat and tidy. Every time you include something new, record it in this table. Ask your teacher or your parents to help you.

Пример из учебника

Dear Parents,
our children are about to begin preparing their Language Portfolios. They are designed to help yyoouur chiYldren reflect on and improve their language learning. Language Portfoliosare collections olfi fer children’s work inside and outside the classroom and twyi llT fhoellyo cwa tn hcehmo otsher owughhaot utto t ihnecilr usdceh oionl it.
It his Language Portfoliois your children’s proper f ois a tTool to accompany their learning of languages thirnog ugschhoouot lsth eimr osvcinhgo otl ol ifaen oatnhde risl esuvietla bwlieth ar documenting their learning when they are changnclud different teacher or when you are moving to another country. In practice, portfolios may iork oe project or other examples of written language work, computer diskettes.
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