Spotlight 5 (Английский в фокусе 5 класс) Книга для чтения. Джек и бобовое зернышко. Ваулина

Категория Учебники
Дисциплина Английский язык
Метки 5 класс


Старинная английская сказка «Джек и бобовое зернышко» впервые выходит в серии «Английский в фокусе» в 2008 году в переложении русских и английских авторов. Эта книга для домашнего чтения состоит из 8 глав и отдельно 1 главы Activities, которая предлагает учащимся подробно разобраться в каждом эпизоде сказки с помощью дополнительных заданий и упражнений. Приложение включает словарь в картинках, обогащающий лексику читателей, и сценарий сказки для драматизации в трех сценах.

Пример из учебника

Fairy tales are stories that have got characters such as fairies, witches, princesses and giants in them and often talking animals, too. They are often full of magic and sometimes mixed with real history.
А fairy tale starts as а story people tell each other. Every time someone tells it, the story gets longer and better because they add а little bit each time to make it mоre exciting or scary. Fairytales come from all over the world and pass from generation to generation. Sometimes there are а f ew diff erent versions of the same story going around at the same time. Then one day, someone writes it down and that is the story that everyone remembers. The oldest written fairy tales come f гоm Ancient Egypt around 1500 BC but there may be much older ones that aren’t written down.
We have got so many well-known fairy tales today thanks to storytellers like the Brothers Grimm. We сап also thank others who put together the many wonderful tales in the Mother Goose collection. Today’s fairy tales are not as scary as those from long ago, but they are still


Background, The Plot p. 5
The Characters p. 6
1 Jack Trott p. 8
2 Jack Sells the Cow p. 10
3 The Beanstalk p. 12
4 Jack Climbs Up the Beanstalk p. 14
5 The Giant p. 16
6 The Hen that Lays Golden Eggs p. 18
7 Jack Tries to Escape p. 20
8 Jack Chops Down the Beanstalk p. 22
Activities p. 25
Picture Dictionary p. 32
Play p. 33
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